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Whether you’re a startup, an MSME or a growth company, you always need a coach who will nudge you and keep you focused and on track of your goals.

What to expect

  • Clarity on your short term and long-term goals

  • Building an actionable motivating plan to goal

  • Breaking down the roadblocks and overcoming challenges along the way

  • Working 1:1 with entrepreneurs, startup teams, leadership teams supporting them to achieve their goals

  • Making Business Plans and Pitch Decks for goal setting and fund raising.

  • New product innovation think tank, growth and creative marketing strategy to make businesses cash flow positive and economically self-sustainable.

I am a Business coach with Atal Incubation Centers; TYE, StartUpOasis (Rajasthan Govt), UNWomen and DoSchool, Women Incubators, University incubation centers and for startups

Investment: US$80 or Rs5000/Session (Inclusive of GST)



Empowering migrant women to live a life of dignity with economic independence and hope for a better future!

Women represent almost half of the 244 million migrants and half of the 19.6 million refugees worldwide. Women play a crucial role in caring for, sustaining and rebuilding their communities. Nidhi works as a consultant globally, running bootcamps for Refugee Entrepreneurship.  These bootcamps empower women to fully embrace their power by finding their strengths and skill sets, ideating on a business idea and then creating a small homegrown venture.



I have been an entrepreneur for half of my life. I am extremely grateful to the Universe for having presented me the opportunity to make a profession out of my passion and live my Ikigai. My mission and purpose is to empower as many girls and women that I can to discover their true calling and pursue that to find meaning and purpose in their own lives. 

I truly believe that if a woman is happy she makes the world around her a happy and positive place, and she touches so many lives each day, that this world can be a beautiful place if she is productively engaged and loving her life.


  • Finding your Ikigai

  • Business ideation - A 1-2 hour session where I brainstorm with you to list down various business ideas that you can pursue. We zero in on your business idea and being your journey from there

  • Creating a Business Plan

  • Registering the Brand name and formalising it

  • Understanding how to run a business

  • Branding

  • Marketing & Growth Plan

  • Starting small (with no investment, if you have no money

Accept yourself as you are with what you have

Connect with the world around you. Let the world know that you are embarking on a new journey. Believe that great things will happen to you and embrace all the opportunities that come your way

Investment: US$500 or INR25000 for the programme

Continued Business Coaching

I will continue to walk with you as your business coach, guiding you, helping you create strategies, remove obstacles, create your growth path and checking in on you every week to ensure you stay true to your goal.

Per Session Cost: US$80 or INR5000