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Whether you’re a startup, an MSME or a growth company, you always need a coach who will nudge you and keep you focused and on track of your goals.

What to expect

  • Creating your short term and long-term goals

  • Building an actionable motivating plan to goal achievement

  • Breaking down the roadblocks and overcoming challenges along the way

  • Making Business Plan Blue print for goal setting and strategy planning.

  • New product innovation think tank, growth and creative marketing strategy to make businesses cash flow positive and economically self-sustainable.

  • Having me as your mentor and business coach by your side, to brainstrom ideas, decision making and strategic thinking

Our clients include Atal Incubation Centers; TiE, StartUpOasis (Rajasthan Govt), UNWomen, DoSchool, Women Incubators, University incubation centers, Companies, Doctors and more

Investment: US$75 or INR3500/Session (Inclusive of GST)



Business cycles throws many surprises at us, and while we cannot predict the outcome of any situation, we can take control of how we prepare for these situations. Growing a business is a goal for all startups and businesses. It brings many benefits. It can attract talent, provide economies of scale, increase profitability, new market expansion, and retire obsolescence. 

Our growth strategy works to help our clients grow in different ways - from expanding into new markets and territories to introducing new products, new point of sales and new and innovative ways to do business.

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LinkedIn Showcase pages are extensions of your personal LinkedIn Page, designed to showcase individual brands, business units and initiatives. Once created, they’ll be listed under ‘Affiliated Pages’ on your main LinkedIn Page. They are a way to highlight all aspects of your brand or various brands under your company’s umbrella

We also develop your personal LinkedIn profile as a part of the Branding exercise.

Image by Souvik Banerjee
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