Ideation To Manifestation

Through our entrepreneurship bootcamp training and one-on-one sessions, we help you find your unique business idea that is fueled by your passion, interests and skill sets. We will give you the tools, techniques and real-world expertise you need to make your business idea viable. Are you ready to turn your business idea into reality?


You will work through ideation of a business venture, shaping and creating your business plan so that you can create a vision for your company and launch it

In this program, you will:

  • Generate your business idea through our idea generation process

  • Assess market viability (Validation) of your product or service

  • Business Brand Name generation

  • Tagline generation

  • Structure your venture

  • Sales & Marketing Plan

  • Profitability calculation, pricing and other financial tools applicable for venture

  • Build your business model canvas (Business Plan)

Startup Development Team
Giving a Speech


As an industry veteran and an evangelist for entrepreneurship, I am a visiting faculty and invited as a panelist and speaker at various Colleges, Schools, Incubators and B-Schools

My speaker topics are around

Entrepreneurship driven by passion

Entrepreneurship for Women 



Empowering Women through Entrepreneurship

I have been an entrepreneur for half of my life. I have created two successful startups and sold them and made a profession out of my passion. My mission and purpose is to empower as many girls and women that I can to discover their true calling and pursue that to find meaning and purpose in their own lives. 

I truly believe that if a woman is happy she makes the world around her a happy and positive place, and she touches so many lives each day, that this world can be a beautiful place if she is productively engaged and loving her life.

Process (12 session programme)

  • Business ideation

  • Creating a Business Plan

  • Registering the Brand name and formalizing it

  • Understanding how to run a business

  • Branding

  • Marketing & Growth Plan

  • Starting small (with no investment, if you have no money

  • Business Plan Blueprint creation

Investment: US$1000 or INR60000 for the programme

Continued Business Coaching

I will continue to walk with you as your business coach, guiding you, helping you create strategies, remove obstacles, create your growth path and checking in on you every week to ensure you stay true to your goal.

Per Session Cost: US$100 or INR5000



Purposeful Entrepreneurship

There is no better way to work, than to love what you do and bring your passion into it.  Having converted my own passion for dance fitness and wellness into a global venture, I have the experience, expertise and the motivation to help you create a thriving business from your passion and skill sets. 
One-on-One coaching to hep you build your business plan framework around your passion and launch it!
Don't procrastinate! Just do it!



Empowering migrant women to live a life of dignity with economic independence and hope for a better future!

Women represent almost half of the 244 million migrants and half of the 19.6 million refugees worldwide. Women play a crucial role in caring for, sustaining and rebuilding their communities. Nidhi works as a consultant globally, running bootcamps for Refugee Entrepreneurship.  These bootcamps empower women to fully embrace their power by finding their strengths and skill sets, ideating on a business idea and then creating a small homegrown venture.

Entrepreneurship  Mentorship & Coaching

As your coach, I guide you and help you stay focused on your goals. We work together to discuss and overcome challenges you face, brainstorm and get creative on new ideas for products and growth and I help you get connected and create new sources of business income,

Rs5000 / session
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Atal Incubation Center

AIC Banasthali Vidyapeeth