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Enhance your College Application

ExtraCurricular & Leadership Profile Building | Resume | LinkedIn | Community Project | Entrepreneurship | College Essay & Activities Writing

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Application Enhancement Services: Welcome

Essay and Resume Assistance

We support crafting compelling Common App, UC, and Global college essays, supplemental questions and resumes that effectively showcase students' achievements, experiences, and personal qualities. Includes framework design, feedback, editing suggestions, grammar sanitization, and helping students present their unique stories in a compelling manner.

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Application Enhancement Services: About
Application Enhancement Services: About

Extracurricular & Leadership Profile Building

Grade 9-12

Consulting high school students on extracurricular activities, summer projects, internships, and leadership opportunities that are aligned with the major they want to pursue and thus get them prepared to have a stellar application that stands out and gets them accepted at every university with the highest chances of merit scholarship; in preparation for the Undergraduate Application Process.
We advise students on how to enhance their extracurricular profile and develop leadership skills, suggesting meaningful activities and experiences that align with students' interests and demonstrate their passions and commitment. We aim to consider not only the college admission aspect but also the broader career goals of the students.

High School Orchestra
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Extra Curricular activities creation and word limit optimised write-up based on students' activities chart

Application Enhancement Services: About
Application Enhancement Services: About
College Campus

College Profile & Rank Sheet

We create an exhaustive checklist for each college the student is applying to which includes academic program ranking, location, size, campus culture, campus safety, cost, financial aid, scholarships, and extracurricular opportunities to create a comprehensive overview of prospective colleges. Aids students and parents to make the best decision

Interview Preparation

We conduct mock interviews and guide them in preparing effectively for college admissions interviews, thus helping students develop strong interview skills and confidence in presenting themselves.

Application Enhancement Services: About
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