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LinkedIn Profile Makeover & Optimisation

LinkedIn isn't just a social platform—it's a powerful tool for founders, entrepreneurs, and businesses to network, build credibility, and attract opportunities.
Elevate your professional presence with our LinkedIn makeover and optimization service. We specialize in crafting awe-inspiring and compelling LinkedIn profiles tailored to showcase your unique strengths and expertise. From creating strong professional branding to teaching effective audience engagement strategies, we guide you every step of the way.
Our comprehensive approach includes personalized coaching on content creation, advising on the types of posts to share, and developing targeted lead generation strategies.

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Social Media Profile & Page Management: Strategy, Content, Graphics & StoryBoarding

We help your create the right social media strategy for your business.  Not all platforms are for every business. We work on the right strategy for your business and create a full plan around it.

We help you create ad strategy on  LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Google, to reach qualified customers who are ready to do business. 

It is the most value based way to generate leads, drive website traffic, and build brand awareness.

Social Media Marketing helps you engage a community of professionals to drive actions that are relevant to your business. We create Digital creatives for your business and post them to keep your clients and customers engaged and have you high in their recall. We do storytelling to engage genuinely with the customers thus helping you get quality leads and sales.

Among 690million professionals registered on the LinkedIn platform 4 out of 5 of them are decision makers for their business. Thus, making LinkedIn the No.1 platform for digital marketing and lead generation. We specialise in LinkedIn, FaceBook & Instagram marketing. 

We can create the right post and customize ad strategy for your business needs and within your ad budget. 

Professional Fee: US$75 or INR5000 per post (Any two SM Channels)

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Business Pitch Deck

16 slide pitch deck

Lean Canvas

Opening Catch Phrase

Elevator Pitch Script

Customised Template

Investment: Rs75000 | US$1100

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Your Personal Brand Strategy

Building you and your business as an extraordinary brand

We enable powerful and sustainable growth for our startups by helping them build their personal, business, digital and offline brand strategy and go beyond what’s expected. We work with solopreneurs, start-ups, entrepreneurs and professionals to create a brand, transform their businesses and drive growth.

  • We make you stand out as a strong Brand

  • We help you choose and create a story line around your professional journey and aspirations

  • We create stories about your brand that creates high brand recall and thus increases the stakeholder value

  • We create branding for your packaging

  • Innovative branding for new markets

We create a character and give a voice to your business through Personal and Business Brand strategy

Investment: INR50000 onwards | US$1000 onwards

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Business Content Writing

It is important to have consistent Business Profiles through all your social media channels. We have an expert content writing team that will develop SEO optimised business profile content for your pages on LinkedIn, Owler, FaceBook, Instagram, Google Business and your Website to ensure consistency of brand voice and thus creating your digital Brand

Investment: INR10000 onwards | US$125 onwards

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Business Strategy Deck

Business Strategy Blueprint

Social Media Management Strategy

digital marketing

Logo & Tagline generation

Brand Strategy

PR Strategy

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Website Building

Website is your placeholder and the channel to showcase your services and product offerings to the world. Our web services team are experts in building starter websites - static or e-commerce, that help in SEO ranking and engaging with potential clients.

Investment: INR35000 onwards | US$400 onwards

Website on Laptop

APP building

Get a customised SEO-optimised App for your business


SEO Optimisation

Get your website, App optimised and allow us to get your pages and products to rank above your competitors

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Business & IT Support Services: Services
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Award Citations

Our team will write award citation and develop your PR spokesperson profile, showcasing your achievements and show persuasively how and where you have made a difference and why you deserve to win this award

Investment: INR15000 | US$200

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Blog Writing

We understand how important is blog write ups, thought leadership articles important for a startup's brand enhancement. We have a team of creative minds and passionate content writers who will create original content for you that can be posted on your company’s blog, social media pages, used in marketing material, and dispersed for SEO purpose.

Investment: INR6000 | US$100/500 word write up

Business Consulting

Fuel your Business


Business Coaching

Whether you’re a startup, an MSME or a growth company, you always need a coach who will nudge you and keep you focused and on track of your goals.

What to expect

  • Creating your short term and long-term goals

  • Building an actionable motivating plan to goal achievement

  • Breaking down the roadblocks and overcoming challenges along the way

  • Making Business Plan Blue print for goal setting and strategy planning.

  • New product innovation think tank, growth and creative marketing strategy to make businesses cash flow positive and economically self-sustainable.

  • Having me as your mentor and business coach by your side, to brainstrom ideas, decision making and strategic thinking

Our clients include Atal Incubation Centers; TiE, StartUpOasis (Rajasthan Govt), UNWomen, DoSchool, Women Incubators, University incubation centers, Companies, Doctors and more

Investment: US$75 or INR4000/Session (Inclusive of GST)


Growth Strategy

Business cycles throws many surprises at us, and while we cannot predict the outcome of any situation, we can take control of how we prepare for these situations. Growing a business is a goal for all startups and businesses. It brings many benefits. It can attract talent, provide economies of scale, increase profitability, new market expansion, and retire obsolescence. 

Our growth strategy works to help our clients grow in different ways - from expanding into new markets and territories to introducing new products, new point of sales and new and innovative ways to do business.

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Refugee Entrepreneurship

Empowering migrant women to live a life of dignity with economic independence and hope for a better future!

Women represent almost half of the 244 million migrants and half of the 19.6 million refugees worldwide. Women play a crucial role in caring for, sustaining and rebuilding their communities. Nidhi works as a consultant globally, running bootcamps for Refugee Entrepreneurship.  These bootcamps empower women to fully embrace their power by finding their strengths and skill sets, ideating on a business idea and then creating a small homegrown venture.

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Featured Self-Achievers

Inspire. Motivate. Appreciate

This Blog salutes and celebrates the inspiring journey of these SelfAchiever SuperMomPreneurs who took the bull by the horn and chartered their own destiny. Fuelled by passion and a drive to change the world.


Sujata Sahu

Founder of 17000ft

madam photo copy.jpg

Leela Bordia

Neerja Blue Pottery


Shruti Tewari

Producer, Director & Actor


Sheetal Singh

Founder of Bhola Bavan


Garima Agarwal

Founder, PeekABoo Patterns


Mallika Thoppay

Partner, BollyBeatz

Radha mane

Radha Mane

Founder of Rozabel and Armadio

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