I am an entrepreneur, writer, evangelist for women empowerment and entrepreneurship, philanthropist & an unstoppable energy dedicated to helping others achieve their goals and become the person they want to be

No matter who we are or where we come from, we all have our own journey and a story that we are writing through our lives - our own story! Everyday brings a new opportunity for our growth. Every choice gives us a chance to pave our own road, We have nothing to prove to anyone but ourselves and to keep reaching for our best version.

I have lived in three countries, across 14 cities and started and sold two companies in Silicon Valley and in India. I have always followed my passion and I am grateful that life has given me wonderful opportunities to lead a very fulfilled life.

SelfAchievers is my third venture and a social enterprise that aims to empower others in their careers, business and personal growth. I bring in my global experience and networks, my learnings and expertise together to help others meet their business goals and aspirations through business coaching, strategy consulting, entrepreneurship training, personal branding, Brand strategy and social media management.

With my global entrepreneurial experience and having started two very different ventures - one in service industry and other in products - I have experience that encapsulates starting ventures with zero investment to a heavily funded business. I know what a woman entrepreneur goes through with risk taking, self-doubt, and trying to balance all aspects and roles she plays in her life. Enlightened entrepreneurship and Refugee Entrepreneurship programs empower women to embark on their entrepreneurial journey by helping them ideate and identify the right business idea that matches their skill set and then building a business on that and make it financially viable and sustainable. 

I want to work with more refugee women globally to help them start small businesses with low or zero investment so they can re-establish their life in a new country and live a life of economic independence ,dignity and provide for their families.

As human beings, our greatest desire is to feel valued, loved and affirmed. You lend your light to one person and they shine it on another and another and another. 

I live to Empower!



A girl hailing from a small town in Madhya Pradesh called Satna, raised watching her entrepreneur mother working hard to live a dream. I went to a boarding school at the age of 7, learnt how to speak in English from my friends and completed my MBA to work with McKinsey & Co. My genes  guided me to walk the entrepreneurial path and today after two decades of running businesses globally in the USA, Singapore & India, I’m proud to have created a socially conscious entrepreneurial empire that empowers millions.

In my life, I have followed my passion and pursued a multitude of seemingly unconnected things like dance instruction & fitness, entrepreneurship, ETailing Business, spirituality, writing, anchoring and nurturing small businesses and creating new entrepreneurs. There seemed to be one common thread across all my ventures and work - that was my love for connecting with people and creating a business from the ground up. I love the thrill of building an idea into a running business and building it into a value that can be sold and move on to the next idea! My unusual combination of interests, expertise and skills is a strength, that has helped me to build two businesses with very low investments ($100 & $700 respectively) and sell them

From working at a consulting firm McKinsey to choreographing Bollywood dance fitness routines and conducting team building dance workshops across the world to publishing two books to founding an E-Tailing baby brand and now having set my own consulting firm training and coaching entrepreneurs, bootcamps for enlightened entrepreneurship and speaking to and motivating young girls and at-home women to embark on the entrepreneurial journey...I’m an undeniable proof that all you need is a passion aligned with your purpose and then you become unstoppable.

People often ask me "How on earth did you get started in all this?" and “How do you do so much?”

Here’s what I say.  I am the driver of my life. I have the power to be, do and have anything I want, as do you. I invest all of my energies into my passion and nurture it. In giving I receive. I am born to empower others! This philosophy, a huge amount of hard-work and blessings have led me to some wonderful milestones. Being awarded as Asia's Top 1000 Women Entrepreneurs , "Iconic Women Creating a Better World for All” for "Corporate Wellness and Wellbeing: Transforming Leadership; Top 100 Women Leaders for the Women Transforming India 

My company SelfAchievers is built on passion to empower women, sincerity and belief in the potential of others. Whether you’re starting or growing your business or looking to make a big change in your life, I am here to help you reach the highest levels of your creative potential and tap into the deepest wisdom within you. My commitment is to bring you the very best of what I've learnt and experienced in the business world. 



I am a TEDx speaker. I am available for speaking engagements worldwide. I’m an experienced public speaker, and my primary topics of focus are

  • Entrepreneurship for women

  • Entrepreneurship as a career option for girls

  • Fuelling your career from your passion

  • Refugee Entrepreneurship

  • Conscious parenting



Nidhi Mehta, a story-teller is empowering women & leaning In. SelfAchievers digital marketing and social media shout outs include telling stories and building genuine and engaging stories around its clients and their brands. We build the brands organically by investing in authentic story telling and creating curiosity!

Self Achievers blog features individuals who have made a mark through their work. It showcases the strength, capabilities and talents of entrepreneurs and mothers who embarked on new career paths while juggling the duties of motherhood. They have successfully created a balance between taking care of their children, home, themselves and at the same time putting their sharp minds and skills to productive use to create a niche career for themselves that has brought them satisfaction and happiness.

Nidhi is a mother of two wonderful kids - Arjun and Nia. She is a professional dance & fitness instructor traveling around the globe conducting Bollywood dance workshops for team building & corporates. She spends her free time in exotic cooking, learning new skills, yoga,  traveling, writing and her three dogs. 

She is a Published Author of Soulful Dining & My First Sibling. Her entrepreneurial journey has been featured in the Singapore published Book "The Magic Within"



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