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Founder Nidhi Banthia Mehta is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, author, entrepreneurship coach, award-winning storyteller, and unstoppable energy dedicated to helping students achieve their career goals by shining the light on their greatness

No matter who we are or where we come from, we all have our own journey and a story that we are writing through our lives - our own story! Every choice gives us a chance to pave our own road, We have nothing to prove to anyone but ourselves.

As an entrepreneurship expert, my journey has been intertwined with empowering students not just to dream but to create tangible, impactful ventures. My passion for guiding aspiring minds toward building both social and for-profit initiatives has resulted in numerous national and international victories in prestigious competitions. These successes are not just accolades but testaments to the power of nurturing young talent.

Hailing from a robust marketing background, I've honed an exceptional command over keywords and storytelling. This prowess allows me to assist students in shaping their thoughts and ideas with precision, ensuring their essays for college applications are not just concise but compelling, leaving an indelible mark on the admissions panel.

My dedication extends beyond essay crafting. Guiding students through a holistic journey from 9th to 12th grade, I meticulously curate their profiles, enabling them to shine brilliantly amidst the sea of applicants. Whether it's the Common App or UCs, I specialize in infusing creativity while ensuring impact-driven narratives in their activity descriptions, positioning them favorably for merit scholarships.

But it's not just about application perfection; it's about crafting a resume that echoes excellence. As a student resume writer and LinkedIn profile creator, I shape their professional identity, ensuring it resonates with their aspirations and accomplishments.

The heart of my work lies in the joy of mentoring over 50 students, aiding them in profile building and securing full-ride scholarships. Witnessing their journeys unfold is the driving force behind my dedication. For me, it's not a business—it's a passionate endeavor. I limit my engagements to a select ten students per year because every student's future is a cause close to my heart.

This isn't merely a service; it's a commitment to illuminate each student's brilliance through meticulously crafted content. Together, let's make your application praiseworthy and set the stage for your remarkable journey ahead.

SelfAchievers is a student-focused venture that aims to empower students to prepare themselves well to be accepted in their choice of University with a scholarship.

As a Founder, I bring in my global experience and networks, my learnings, and expertise together to help students meet their aspirations through programs that foster learnings, skills, and mindsets to scaffold the entrepreneurial spirit.

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Nidhi is a luminary entrepreneur and India's leading advocate for women and student-centric entrepreneurship.
Her academic journey, a tapestry woven across prestigious institutions—LaMartiniere for Girls in Kolkata, LSR in New Delhi, an MBA from SPJain Institute of Management & Research in Mumbai, and adorned with certifications from Harvard and ISB Hyderabad—encouraged her to traverse the uncharted paths of entrepreneurship.

Venturing beyond the conventional, Nidhi carved a unique trail, merging her fervor for seemingly disparate realms: dance instruction, fitness, ETailing Business, spirituality, writing, and anchoring. Yet, amidst this eclectic symphony, one thread wove them together: her passion for birthing businesses from nascent ideas, orchestrating their growth into thriving entities, and propelling them forward, one success at a time.

Her unparalleled fusion of diverse expertise, woven with an unyielding determination, birthed two empires from humble investments of under $1000—each crafted, nurtured, and eventually sold.

From the corridors of McKinsey & Co., where she fine-tuned her strategic acumen, to commanding Bollywood dance fitness routines globally, from authoring impactful books to nurturing E-Tailing ventures, and now steering an EdTech initiative, she stands as a testament that passion aligned with purpose breeds boundless potential.
But her narrative doesn't end there. Nidhi's unwavering belief—that life offers boundless possibilities to those who seize them—propels her to guide students through their formative high school years, unveiling the treasures hidden within every opportunity.

Her accolades, a testament to her impact, shine as bright as her unwavering commitment: Asia's Top 1000 Women Entrepreneurs, an "Iconic Women Creating a Better World for All," recognized for transforming corporate wellness; adorned as a Rajasthan's Women Leaders 2023 honoree; listed among Niti Ayog's Top 100 Women Leaders in the Women Transforming India initiative; and the recipient of the Global Women's Leadership Award in 2022.
In every facet of her life, Nidhi epitomizes the art of empowerment, a beacon illuminating paths to success, proving that when passion aligns with purpose, the possibilities are infinite

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Rajesh Gopal

Rajesh is an entrepreneurial leader with deep experience of over 25 years in working with new ideas, setting up business operations, building, and motivating teams, and driving business growth in start-ups and mid-sized companies. He is deeply interested in the Education sector, having worked in the areas of Employability Enhancement, Consulting and Experiential Learning. He spent 5 years in setting up and scaling a First-of-its-kind skill assessment business in India and was recently involved in growing the business for an EdTech start-up as their President & Country Head. Rajesh enjoys building relationships, solving business problems and helping students realise their potential. He is an Alumnus of INSEAD & NMIMS and also has a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering from the National Institute of Technology, Surathkal

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