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A tribute to my sister Jayshree Banthia Jain

All the probono assignments and projects for Refugee Entrepreneurship work is dedicated to her and the way she lived her life helping others. I miss her every single day!

Giving Back: About Me
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In Giving We Receive

Champion a Woman to start a business

For a gender-equal society we have to aim towards an inclusive and sustainable growth. We need to empower more women to embrace entrepreneurship and  start small businesses in their communities. This will give them a sense of purpose, higher self-worth and economic independence

Giving Back: Welcome
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Empower a Woman

Refugee Entrepreneurship

I have been working hard to build an eco-system to train refugee women across the world on entrepreneurship and take them through the process of Ideation to Manifestation and help them kickstart a small business to become economically independent, a contributor to the host country and live a life of hope and dignity

Giving Back: About

Charity Head Held High

Antarprerna (“inner motivation”) is an initiative to nurture entrepreneurship – both group and individual enterprise – in places with limited economic opportunities. We leverage partnerships, as well as our own training expertise and field knowledge to connect members of rural communities – particularly women – with income generating opportunities.

Giving Back: About
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