A tribute to my sister

I lost my loving sister in 2020 to cancer. Her going away taught me a lot about life and how it must be lived. I have been a complete go-getter and a "what's next" kind of a person. The aspiration was ambition, fame and wealth.

She lived her life differently. Her life was about contentment and living joyfully. Even in the midst of the silicon valley competition and hustle she had found her peaceful sacred space. She volunteered every Sunday at the San Jose Homeless shelter for breakfast seva and cooked and served breakfast to the families in the shelter. Her heart was full of love , kindness and generosity for others. 

She helped connect people who had lost their jobs to her connections on LinkedIn and to recruiters, did their resumewriting selflessly helping them find a job so their life would be stable and secured. She never expected any gratitude (let alone compensation) in return. Such was her selfless connect with everyone

She was always there to help - anyone - even a stranger on the road. She never worried about money, status or materialistic things. She just gave and never took. 

I have been blessed to be chosen to be her sibling. She gave me so much love and affection and was just always there to hear me share everything about my life, the excitement and the bantering and the cries and the smiles. She was my biggest champion and is the wind beneath my wings.

Her passing away was a difficult time for all of us, especially me. I wanted to do something that was inspired by the way she lived her life - doing something that helped to empower others. Thus, SelfAchievers was founded. Through SelfAchievers I want to empower others to live their dreams, find their ideal jobs, meet their aspirations, lead an abundant and fulfilled life. As a life coach I want to be there for everyone to hear them and share a part of their life.

This work dedicated to her and the way she lived her life..... I miss you didi!