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"Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you"

Oprah Winfrey

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On October 27 2021, the Indian government administration officers did a session with Nidhi at LBSNAA on Discovering My True Self and my Purpose.
It was a very intense and highly interactive session which lasted almost 10 hours.
Initially I was a bit skeptical, But I was amazed at the energy level, skill level, confidence level and Purpose level of Nidhi who stepped up our energy level and level of engagement as a group.
I personally had a purpose shaped long ago and the session on 27th further revalidated it.
We all participants with whom I had met for the first time became great friends, and came close as a group with a common cause.. and it was to become a purposeful individual , a group for the mankind , for society or family.
I must applaud a sincere thanks to  highly energetic Nidhi who not only acted as a catalyst or a spark but with her huge presence, made significant impact to open up and bring us to be truthful to ourselves . 

Krishna Kant Singh

Amreen Ahmed

Nidhi you are an amazing and kick ass professional with some great skill at content, LinkedIn expertise and branding coach. I have received her expertise and would recommend many other professionals for her services.

Amreen Ahmed


Nidhi is one of the most versatile and talented women I know. She works hard and is great at her work. She has a sharp business acumen and creative mind which is such a strength for advising other businesses for strategy. I've been associated with her for 9 years and there's always something to learn from her. She's inspiring and empowering. Always encouraging to think big and be bold. She's empathetic and authentic. She is the best person to hire for brand building and innovative marketing strategy. I'd recommend her services to anyone who is looking to find clarity in their career path, build their business strategy for growth and also build their brand at a low cost affordable for a start up.  She understands the challenges of a small business owner as she has built and run two companies herself. Her energy is infectious and she's just someone you would want to connect with. She gives you solutions for all your challenges personal or business!

Parul Modi

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Focuskon technologies

I came to Nidhi to create a power profile for me which could help me land more collaboration, business and connections. She worked so methodically. Firstly by interviewing me to understand my career journey and my aspirations and then she wrote it to express it wonderfully. She did a full background research to write about my industry and area of work. Her depth of knowledge and wanting to learn about her clients before she writes about them is impressive She further showed me how to use LinkedIn to grow my network, generate new business and connections and use it for new lead generation for work. She's also a business coach and brings out pertinent strategy for businesses. She is open to give references and connect you where she can do it can be of help

Nikhil Bansal, CEO FocusKon Technologies


It was a pleasure working with Nidhi for the revamping of my LinkedIn page! After only one zoom session, Nidhi was able to weave a comprehensive narrative of my professional background and highlight my past achievements. I was impressed with her efficiency, her responsiveness and her coaching abilities. Having never worked with a business coach before, I was hesitant at first but noted concrete benefits from discussing openly my career plan with Nidhi. She helped me identify my strengths as a candidate. I can only recommend Nidhi's coaching services!

Leila Veerasamy, France

David Christodoulou

I first met and hired Nidhi in Singapore where she ran amazing and inspiring dance classes. Her energy and passion was infectious, and we thoroughly enjoyed our dance experience which personally helped with co-ordination as well a stamina!! She is a fun loving person outside of dance, and we became great family friends.

It became very apparent that Nidhi is also very driven and an amazing business woman - turning her hand to many successful ventures. Nidhi has done more in her lifetime than most can even contemplate - and for this reason she is wise beyond her years - and a seriously impressive entrepreneur, that is very engaging and passionate in whatever she does. She is a perfect coach and mentor for startups and small businesses and will help you achieve your goals for sure!

David Christodoulou, Australia

Testimonials: Testimonials
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