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Meet SelfAchiever Sheetal Singh, Founder of Bhola Bhawan

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Sheetal Singh is the founder of the famous Bhola Bhawan B&B in Jaipur. A self-made entrepreneur and a supermompreneur. She is a mother to Devrat Singh and her sun sign is Gemini

Industry: Hospitality (Owner Bhola Bhawan Bed and Breakfast)


Tell us a bit about yourself and about your current profession. What were you doing before you started out on your own?

Did my journalism from KC college Mumbai, came back to Jaipur & started my career in telecom.10 years worked in telecom & looked after communications.Got married in 1996 & while I was on my family way quit my job.The will to get back to my corporate world to strong but none of the companies were willing to take a new Mom.

This is from where I got a full on support from my husband & he renovated a vacant property of ours & helped me establish my Bed and breakfast in 2011 & post that there has been no looking back.

When did you start your company? Where? And what motivated you to start it? What was your initial investment?

Started it in 2011, from home itself & my biggest motivation was my husband, his immense support to keep me occupied & to follow my dreams.

Being our own property, we had to renovate it & do the interiors which cost 11 Lakh Indian rupees.

What have been your achievements, accolades and upturns in your career?

Within a span of 2 years my property was Ranked as number one in Jaipur on Airbnb, number two on TripAdvsior. Won the Excellence award in 2013 & Winner of Traveller’s Choice award 2014 & ranked number 13 in India out of best 25 top rated homestays in India.

Any downturns, Unusual circumstances, hardships, you have had to face in your profession/business?

Nothing comes easy, but every difficult situation has been a learning experience for me.

How do you balance your personal and professional life? How many kids do you have? What are your usual activities with them?

Having one Son & living in a joint family, plus the benefit of working from home( as my bed and Breakfast is run from my home premises itself) has made me balance my professional & personal life in the best possible manner.

How do you spend your “Alone” time. Any hobbies, activities, groups you are associated with.

Start my day at 5:30 am with my yoga trainer coming & help me do my yoga, post which I do my bhuddhism practice ,read a bit & evening ensure to meet up my friends as we all go together in a near by park for our evening walks..

Were you working before having children? Have things changed in the way you work today after having children?

Worked for 10 yrs in telecom.Corporate world is a very different exposure ,but being ur own boss is the best thing.

Things have changed drastically after having a child but that’s the beauty of life , you learn with every single thing/person coming your way.

Do you receive understanding from your family as a business woman? If not, how did tackle such situations.

Having a strong support from my husband & the complete family ,never made me feel challenged on these notes.

What would you recommend to other mothers who want to venture out on their own?

To every Mom out there, go live ur dreams, follow what u want to do, nothing is difficult, every situation brings the best out of us, its just we need to convenience our own self

If I can do it,SO CAN U .

What do you have in the pipeline for your company's future development?

We have brought a land out side jaipur, in the near future will develop it & have bigger projects in hospitality industry.

Is there any person who has mentored you? Supported you?

My husband Shailendra Singh, he has been my biggest support, my mentor.Could have never been here without his guidance.

What/Who has been your inspiration?

My husband, he’s one person who never ever gives up in any situation & always passes on that inspiration to me.

Did you always know that you would be doing what you are doing today?


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