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Meet SelfAchiever Garima Agarwal, Founder of PeekABoo Patterns

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Meet our supermompreneur Garima who is a mother of two wonderful kids Kunal & Ridhi. A dynamic libran personality Garima has created a renowned brand in kids lifestyle and home space with PeekABoo patterns

Industry- Interiors

Tell us a bit about yourself and about your current profession. What were you doing before you started out on your own?

Born and brought up in Kolkata I always had a great passion for both kids and creativity. I excelled in every creative opportunity given to me throughout my academics. Marriage took me to Chennai . Even though my husband is a garment exporter my strong desire to do something unique on my own encouraged me to start my company in the year 2005

When did you start your company? Where? And what motivated you to start it? What was your initial investment?

I Started my company in Feb. 2005 with an initial investment of Rs20,000 (USD400) from my personal savings .My passion for kids and creativity and strong desire to do something on my own motivated me to start. When I was doing up my kids rooms, I realised most of the products were not available in India I though there would be a great opportunity to start something on these lines .

What have been your achievements, accolades and upturns in your career?

The greatest achievement would be that I am still a great mom .My kids are emotionally secure and doing brilliantly well in school.I have grown my team from 4 to 40, my product line has increased from 4 to 40 and I today supply to 4 prominent stores in India . I have been nominated as best start up company by “nen” , and was invited to be a part of their team as a speaker.My work has been covered by all major magazines and newspapers of the country like hindu, femina, india today,inside outside ,just for woman, telegraph etc

Any downturns, Unusual circumstances, hardships, you have had to face in your profession/business?

Training young girls from ngo’s was quite challenging . Besides making them learn the skill I had to teach them manners, discipline, conduct etc too

How do you balance your personal and professional life? How many kids do you have? What are your usual activities with them?

Everyday is action packed . I have 2 kids - Juggling is fun as long as its done with a big smile.

How do you spend your “Alone” time. Any hobbies, activities, groups you are associated with.

I rarely am alone. Being a peoples person I love socialising. Though my hobbies are painting ,sketching ,lately cooking I can barely take out time for them . I spend most of my spare time with my kids . I am very regular with my physical fitness programs and enjoy Bollywood

Am also doing pranic healing courses and like reading books related to spirituality.

Were you working before having children? Have things changed in the way you work today after having children?

Have never worked before

Do you receive understanding from your family as a business woman? If not, how did tackle such situations.

I am truly blessed with my family especially my always supportive mother in law and husband . Without them it would not have been so easy.

What would you recommend to other mothers who want to venture out on their own?

Set your priorities right . There is space for everything .

What do you have in the pipeline for your company's future development?

Opening our new store at Express Mall in Chennai . Tying up with new vendors in other cities. Increase products by outsourcing as well as increase production .

Is there any person who has mentored you? Supported you?

I have been always inspired by the positivity I see in all the people around me . There are so many who are a constant inspiration and source of moral support.

What/Who has been your inspiration?

Just thinking positive I would say .

Did you always know that you would be doing what you are doing today?

Yes even as a child I knew I would be doing something creative

What’s the secret to your being a SuperMomPreneur? And what’s the best compliment you have received about your career or being a self-professional.

My secret would be my ever increasing passion for creativity and kids .

Besides all the compliments I receive all the time the only one that touches me deeply is when my kids say they want to be like me or they are proud of me .


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